Exciting times in the garden

Spring is on it’s way although it is a bit chilly this morning. I have potted on our climbing fuchsia plants. We have 3 varieties, Lady Boothby, Pink Fizz and Lady in Black. Spring onions are coming up in seed trays now and should be ready to go out in the next week or so and this weekend I’ll be planting … Read More

What is living in Cinderford like

living in Cinderford

Living in Cinderford in the Forest of Dean We have now been living in Cinderford for nearly a year, and both Vanda and I agree it is one of the nicest towns in the forest of dean. Although it is a small town we have a very good selection of shops that include a bakers, several butchers,greengrocers and lots of … Read More

Spring planting in the garden

Early work in the garden

Early Planting in the garden The weather has been very mild here in the forest of dean and the forecast is looking good for the next month as well, so I have taken a chance with some early planting. My deep beds have all had compost and well rotted manure forked in, and I have early peas showing and I … Read More

Our new local directory is doing well

local directory for #deanwye

Local directory for the Forest of Dean I have been surprised at how well our local directory is doing. It hasn’t been live for that long and today looking at the number of views the different web sites we list have had has been a revelation. It is f course gratifying to see it being used. That is good for … Read More

Dive bombed by squabbling sparrows in the garden


The garden in Cinderford Well, yesterday we dropped into Coleford Garden Centre and bought a new arch for the garden. Like all these things you have to put the thing together before you can use it. While we were struggling with screwing it all together a pair of sparrows suddenly dived down and missed us by inches. They were squabbling and … Read More

Planting in the spring garden

Planting in the Garden This weekend I have forked in some well rotted manure and raked the beds ready for planting. I planted a crown of champagne rhubarb and gave that a good top dressing of manure ( Yes I know someone will tell me they prefer custard on their rhubarb. I have also started some early potatoes in grow … Read More

Forestry Commision admits wild boar are out of control

Wild Boar Kevin Stannard admitted in a report that the wild boar are out of control in the forest of Dean. He said it is true that the boar population is not under control so the allegations that they are out of control is probably correct. Well, if you live in the area it is not in any doubt at … Read More

Big changes to our garden

Vanda gardening

Gardening When we moved in last year the garden was very different. As you can see the top was all lawn, there was a tatty old garden shed and on the right was a huge pine that blocked the light and shed needles everywhere. Nothing really suited what we wanted. Since then the shed has been demolished ( a new … Read More

It really is time to go https now

Having a secure certificate on your web site has always been a very good idea, but now it is essential. Google is now giving secure sites an advantage. At Google I/O a few months ago, we called for “HTTPS everywhere” on the web. We’ve also seen more and more webmasters adopting HTTPS (also known as HTTP over TLS, or Transport … Read More

Good progress on the garden

Garden Progress We have made good progress on our garden this week. The base for the shed is nearly ready and the shed itself will be delivered and erected on Friday week ( the 10th ). I will be very pleased when it is here as all my window ledges are covered with chitting potatoes and I’m also starting various … Read More