The vegetable Garden

The Vegetable Garden in June

Greens aubergines and sprouting in the vegetable garden
Greens aubergines and sprouting in the vegetable garden

Despite the peculiar weather the vegetable garden is doing very well. We have been eating lettuce, new potatoes, strawberries, spring onions and carrots for the last few weeks. Today I have planted aubergines and sown 3 rows of swedes and some turnips. The tomatoes are now flowering well. This year as an experiment we have chosen tumbling varieties and planted them all in containers and hanging baskets.

The runner beans and climbing french beans are well up their sticks now. They are my favourite things from the vegetable garden so I’m really looking forward to seeing them fruiting.

As well as the new plantings I have tidied up and of course topped up the compost heap . More on compost in a moment.

More leeks have also been planted out. You just can’t plant too many. They are very easy to grow and are one of winters best vegetables. Who can resist leak and potato soup, and a stew wouldn’t be the same without leeks.

We just need a bit more sun now to ripen the strawberries. Everything points to a marvelous harvest this year

The Compost Heap

compost compost heap

Today I have also turned the compost heap and added all the potato tops, weeds and kitchen waste. Each layer I also put a layer of the activator from Soilfixer . This has proved to be a very useful product for helping to make compost for the vegetable garden. A quick tip is don’t forget that the heap needs nitrogen. We all have an unlimited supply of this in our urine. I collect it at night in a bucket and in the morning pour it straight onto the heap. It would be mad to try and grow vegetables and not create compost.

Flowers and tomatoes Just to show it isnt all vegetables in the garden 

New potatoes dug today