The Glasshouse May Hill

Lunch at the Glasshouse

Lunch at the Glasshouse Inn at May Hill

May Hill forest of deanToday was so glorious we just had to get out, so the top came down on the car and we set off through Littledean, Longhope etc through gorgeous country lanes for lunch at the Glasshouse Inn.

It is a most wonderful drive, but not one to be taken at speed. Most of the time we were doing 30mph or less. The lanes are very narrow, but the scenery is outstanding. This was one of my old Friend Nigel’s favourite watering holes.  Most Fridays we would put the world to rights there.

Today of course I took Vanda. We both had their marvelous ham sandwiches ( proper hand cut ham from the bone ) with a small beer shandy apiece. Naturally today we sat out in their lovely garden, and I’ve included some photos here.

I can’t recommend this inn highly enough. The surroundings are outstanding, the food is good and very reasonably priced and the landlord and staff are welcoming and friendly.

You can take dogs and children into the garden, but under 14s are not allowed inside the pub. A policy I approve of.

Vanda having Lunch at the Glasshouse Lunch at the Glasshouse