A Sparrow on my Window Sill

A Sparrow on my Window Sill is what I wake to every morning

A Sparrow on my Window SillSince we moved to Cinderford life has been absolutely wonderful. The first thing we hear when we wake up is a couple of sparrows chattering away. He is getting cheekier by the day. At one time as soon as he spotted us he flew away, but now he just sits there, does a sideways shuffle and continues to sing.

We are particularly lucky as our garden is always full of birds. I especially enjoy the blackbirds singing their hearts out.

Living in the forest of dean is a wonderful experience. We were cautious at first but the area is wonderful, Cinderford itself is a lovely little town that has everything we need including butchers bakers , 2 supermarkets ( possibly soon 3 now the co op have withdrawn their objections to a Steam Mills shop ) and the fabulous air conditioned Palace Cinema that is incredibly cheap. £2.50 a ticket.

Forest of Dean

Another eye opener is the great value parking. In many places it is free and the most I have ever been charged is 30P. Very different to Cheltenham and Gloucester. It really is a marvelous place to live. We don’t have the light pollution so we can see the stars at night and the air is fresher and less polluted than the big cities.

In short we love living here in the Royal Forest of Dean. My next blog will be back to my favourite subject the garden.