Peas from the garden

Enjoying the summer harvest

The summer harvest

Strawberries from the gardenWe have had a very good year so far. We are eating strawberries new potatoes peas carrots and beetroot. The rewards for growing your own are many and various. It is a great hobby, saves you money and promotes feelings of peace and tranquility.

Yesterday I sowed winter vegetable seeds like parsnips swedes turnips and kale. Last night’s rain has now watered them in very nicely. My runner beans are in full flower and I must admit they are my favourite, so we are very much looking forward to eating them.

The garden is doing so well that we are giving produce to our neighbours.


New potatoes

The arron pilots potatoes have been delicious. I have been convinced now about grow bags so next year I won’t be planting them in beds at all. I’ll be planting them all in grow bags.

After digging up peas and potatoes I have now filled the compost bin nearly to the top. Do remember that growing vegetables without compost is foolish. It nourishes the garden and it is free.