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Growing your own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables

Deep beds just created

Deep beds just created

Last year we moved into our little cottage here in the forest of dean. About half the garden was down to a scruffy lawn. We rotovated the lawn, felled a large horrid pine tree and created 4 deep beds. As we only started planting in the 3rd week of July we didn’t expect much at all, but we did manage to grow tomatoes, leeks, cauliflowers, aubergines and runner beans. Another job I did was of course to create a compost heap, more on that later. The beauty of deep beds is that as they are never walked on the soil remains loose so you can plant closer together and of course all that back breaking digging is a thing of the past.

Not only do you save money by growing your own vegetables but the taste just can’t be beaten. If you are used to shop bought veg it is quite a shock when you harvest and eat your own. Wonderful flavours as they are so fresh, and of course zero miles travelling. Now if 2 pensioners can manage this I seriously question who can’t.


This year in the vegetable plot

Sprouts and Cauliflowers

We have been enjoying new potatoes for many weeks now. Strawberries have been wonderful, especially the new variety “Just add Cream” , spring onions have proved so simple to grow and the thinnings from this years planting include Carrots beet and onions.

We now have onions, beet, cauliflowers, runner beans, climbing french beans, swedes, sprouts, turnips and parsnips planted in the deep beds and lots of tomatoes in hanging baskets and containers.


This years compost heap

Compost heap

If you are Growing your own vegetables then you really must produce some compost. Even the smallest garden is capable of making compost and that is the fuel for your garden. There is very little that you can;t compost. I don’t recommend meat and bones but all your kitchen waste including tea and coffee should be in there with weeds and the parts of the veg you harvest that you don’t eat.

I have been using the activator from soilfixer on my compost and have marvelous results with it.

Look at what it produced last year



Growing your own vegetables

Growing your own vegetables Runner beans

Last years compost