Planting in the spring garden

Planting in the Garden

RhubarbThis weekend I have forked in some well rotted manure and raked the beds ready for planting. I planted a crown of champagne rhubarb and gave that a good top dressing of manure ( Yes I know someone will tell me they prefer custard on their rhubarb. I have also started some early potatoes in grow bags, sown some beetroot seeds and I have some young early peas that will go in this week.

The new garden shed is up and being used. I now need to build some steps up to it.

On Monday I’ll be wandering around the forest of dean and gathering pea sticks so I can get those early peas out.

We have some picket fencing on order and today we bought a lovely metal garden arch. Once that is up I’ll be buying a wisteria to grow over it.

2 Clematis have been planted to grow over the fences and I have 6 climbing fuschias on order to help them out. Exciting times for the garden