Forestry Commision admits wild boar are out of control

Wild Boar

Wild Boar in the Forest of DeanKevin Stannard admitted in a report that the wild boar are out of control in the forest of Dean. He said it is true that the boar population is not under control so the allegations that they are out of control is probably correct.

Well, if you live in the area it is not in any doubt at all.

He also said the boar were originally dumped in the forest of Dean and were causing stree to locals when they wandered into local towns

The Forest of Dean boar population is the largest in England, and is continuing to grow.  The original population established in woodlands near Ross-on-Wye after escaping from a wild boar farm in the area during the 1990s.  In 2004 a group of around 60 farm reared animals were dumped in an illegal release near the village of Staunton on the western edge of the Forest, above the Wye Valley.  By 2009 it was clear that the two populations had merged and a breeding population was thriving.

Today the population of wild boar continues to rise