Dive bombed by squabbling sparrows in the garden

The garden in Cinderford
Garden Arch

Well, yesterday we dropped into Coleford Garden Centre and bought a new arch for the garden. Like all these things you have to put the thing together before you can use it.

While we were struggling with screwing it all together a pair of sparrows suddenly dived down and missed us by inches. They were squabbling and fighting and making a heck of a noise. I must confess they were a right nuisance. For about 10 minutes it was impossible to work.

Ah well, these things happen and as you can see from the picture on the left we got it together in the end and erected it in the place where she who must be obeyed wanted it.

Once it was up I then planted a wisteria and a clematis , both of them highly scented so it should make a great feature right at the end of the patio and the beginning of the vegetable plot.

wisteria and a clematisHere they both are after planting ( and of course a good soaking. We haven’t had rain in days here.

I have also planted a rhubarb ( Champagne ) started sweet peas and planted some early peas. I’m on the search now for some cloches as we could still get frosts, but I’ve been surprised to find the majority on sale are only about 1 foot wide. I’d ideally like them 3 feet to cover the deep beds we have dug. I might have to just get some plastic and make my own.




Early Peas….Rhubarb