Enjoying the garden

Do enjoy the delights of the garden

I know there are always jobs that should be done, but we try and make everything as easy as possible. In te afternoons and evenings we tend to sit and enjoy looking at the garden. In the afternoon we enjoy a few cool beer shandies and later on a bottle of wine. There are a few ways that you can ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy the garden and save on work as well.

Firstly in this hot weather we all need to water. Don’t water in the heat of the day. The best time is in the cool of the evening, it is far more enjoyable and the ground takes up water far better when the sun has moved off.

Growing in Containers

This is the second year we have grown our potatoes in pots and bags. Any container with enough depth will do. The advantages are less watering and far less work in harvesting. I simply empty a bag into a wheel barrow and then feel for the potatoes. It is easy and does away with all that heavy digging. In fact digging is not done at all in the garden.

Carrots growing in containers
Carrots growing in containers

Carrots are also ideal for containers. Again, less water is needed and of course as there are no stones in the compost they grow lovely and straight. Our spring onions are also all growing in pots, as are peppers, chillies , aubergines and lettuce. I do urge you to try it.

This does take a fair bit of compost, but by composting all your kitchen waste it is surprising how much you can make.




She who must be obeyed enjoys her flowers as you can see from the main picture and of course cut flowers are here in abundance .

Finally here is a little video clip of the garden and a short clip showing how easy it is to get your new potatoes








3 thoughts on “Enjoying the garden

  • 7th July 2018 at 2:10 pm

    Interesting article. I see you have corrected the strange colours on the video. It now plays perfectly

  • 7th July 2018 at 11:07 pm

    The garden is looking amazing! The perfect place to enjoy a shandy or glass of wine or two!

  • 8th July 2018 at 8:01 am

    Thank you Lara. I hope we see you soon

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