Compost is the fuel for your garden

Compost BinWe have now been gardening here for nearly a year and I did start a compost heap. Now looking at it it doesn’t look terribly wonderful, but we have never stopped adding to it so the top layers are really bound to look like that. So I took the top layer off and started shoveling out the compost and used a garden sieve to riddle it.

The results were incredible. We filled bag after bag with compost of such great quality that yo just couldn’t buy it anywhere. The only thing I did was to add the activator that I bought from Soilfixer.

I confess I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to “miracle” products but the activator has certainly done it’s job well. So far I have had 7 wheelbarrows full and there is more to come. I will get the rest bagged up tomorrow.


Topping up new potatoes with fresh compostMeanwhile This magnificent compost has been used to top of my new potatoes growing in bags, and I have spread a couple of barrow loads straight onto the deep beds.

Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers ( we grow both ) you need to feed. Traditional gardeners will tell you to feed the soil, not the plants and there is a great deal of truth in this. Well rotted compost is free or cheap and is a fantastic soil conditioner and provides many nutrients that your plants need. I can recommend the soilfixer activator and I will look seriously at their other products. I have no connection to the company so this is an honest review




Here I am spreading the compost onto my deep beds that contain new potatoes planted 2 weeks ago. The shoots are just coming through