New look for web site

Garden and site update

Site Update

I’m using the X theme on this site and decided to use some of it’s special features. You will see some new colourful icons at the top that show featured blogs. More to come later this week.

Garden Update

Runner beans in flower

Runner beans in flower


The hot weather is really bringing things on. Our runner beans and climbing french beans are flowering well so I’m hoping for a good harvest this year. We are eating strawberries every day now, and the new variety , Just add Cream are nearly ready. Looking forward to eating those.

Our new potatoes have been a huge success. Once I finish here I’ll be digging up some more for today’s Sunday lunch along with a few young carrots.

The onions are swelling nicely, but I do need to keep an eye on them as a few have bolted in this hot weather and created some seed pods. They have tobe removed as soon as they are spotted.

Leeks are doing fine and the swedes and turnips are coming up as well. I’ll be sowing more as space becomes available. The purple sprouting is also at last looking half decent and we have a few aubergines that are looking well. We have so many lettuces that we are giving them away to our neighbours. Tomatoes are all looking good and covered in flowers so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we don;t get the blight this year. It ruined last years crop.

strawberry plantsAll in all it is looking good.

Today’s chores include tying in the fast growing beans and seeing to the compost heap , a vital part of any vegetable garden.