Garden Tidy Up

End of summer garden tidy up

Tidying the Garden

September is here and the weather is changing. Yesterday was bright and sunny, but today it is chilly and wet.

Yesterday we took down the sweet peas. They have been marvelous this year but are now leggy and covered in greenfly. We can now see the clematis on the arch as the sweet peas really went mad and covered them up.

We have eaten all the early carrots but now have lots of late ones coming up. All of them are in containers.

Runner beans are still producing well so I’m hoping for a decent September so that we can continue to enjoy my favourite vegetable. Our sprouts are growing well, but the dreaded cabbage whites have had a good go at them. I’m hoping we don’t have to spray as I am keeping the garden as organic as possible.

The compost bin is now full to the top. That’s it for today but should have another garden blog later this week

Compost bin fullCarotts in containerRunner beans