summer garden

The end of the summer garden

Summer garden nearly over

runner beans from the gardenNot quite of course, but you can see the changes. We are still eating beans. The runner beans are producing bumper harvests. We also tried some french climbing beans. The purple ones are delicious and grow well, but the white and yellow are just not as nice, so I’ll give them a miss next year. Other successes were peas, strawberries ( still getting the odd few ) , potatoes, beetroot, spring onions onions and early carrots.

Many of the flowers are still looking OK, but not as good as last month.

The runner beans should keep on feeding us for another month unless we get a very early frost, but this year tomatoes have been a disaster. We have had a few pounds but the majority have sadly come down with blight. The plants have had to be destroyed as it would be foolish to add them to the compost heap, so a double blow.

So we are now concentrating on vegetables for the winter

Winter vegetables

carrots grown in containersThe leeks are looking good and we have late carrots coming up nicely, and turnips ( lovely when small ) , sprouts of course, swedes and I’m experimenting with late main crop potatoes in grow bags. We have a few broccoli plants in and lots of perpetual spinach.

Next we will be planting winter onion sets and once the runners stop producing I’ll have a whole bed empty. We are not sure what we will be planting there next.