Big Plans for closed Cinderford Bank

Plans for Closed HSBC building in Cinderford

Civic leaders want to borrow £200,000 so they can take over the closed down HSBC which they say is blighting the Triangle, a public meeting place and focal point in Cinderford town centre.
They believe by turning into complex of pop up shops with a specialist Changing Places toilet, the HSBC building could help revitalise the town centre.

The HSBC is one of many grand buildings around the county being left in limbo as the big banks close rural branches and encourage customers to go on -line
report by councillor Chris Witham believes transforming the prominent landmark building which lies empty in the middle of town is best way of supporting Cinderford high street businesses.

Councillors were told that as well as providing start up opportunities for new businesses, the converted building could act as a showcase for the heritage of the town and encourage people in to use existing shops.

Now Cinderford Town Council is asking the public for approval to borrow £200,000 from the PWLB (Public Works Loan Board) to carry out the work and have told the townspeople it will not mean any increase in the council tax.
Councillors say pop up shops have been fundamental in reinvigorating other towns they have looked at and a Changing Places toilet would cater for those who currently find it difficult to leave their homes.

The council wants local people to have their say and complete an online survey

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