snow in the forest of dean

The snow and the kindness of Forest people

Snow in the Forest of Dean

snow in the forest of deanYesterday morning, Vanda and I set off through the snow with the idea of walking into Cinderford to get a bit of shopping. Well it was hard going right from the off, and Vanda who has a heart murmur started to feel ill very early on. As We were passing St Stephens church I took her inside to rest and the marvelous people there gave her a cup if tea and looked after her. A very big thank you to all the lovely people there.

I struggled down into town and go to the co op and got enough shopping to last a few days. Here are a few pictures.




I finally got back to the church where I was given a lovely hot cup of coffee and chatted with some people there ( thanks again ) and we set off for the short journey home.

Almost straight away, poor old Vanda started feeling poorly again. She just had to sit down. Several people came to see if she was all right, and one lovely Lady said if we couldn’t make it we were welcome to come to her home just a few doors away. We were both really touched. Don’t believe people who say Foresters are not friendly.

We did eventually get back home, and happily  she was fine after a couple of hours.

wood burning StoveThis morning I could hardly get to the shed to bring in firewood, but we are now sitting in front of a roaring log fire. We will not be leaving the house today.