This years compost heap

Feeling smug about recycling

recycling in the Forest of Dean

When we first moved to the forest of dean, I must admit my heart quailed at the number of bins the council provided. We have 1 for glass and tins, 1 for plastic, 1 for food waste, the main bin for household waste and a green bin for garden waste. However lately we have been recycling paragons.

wood burning StoveAll our kitchen waste goes onto the compost heap leaving us with just the glass and plastic to recycle. Our main bin now hardly gets a use at all. We now even put less into the sewers as we pee into a bucket that is emptied onto the compost heap every morning ( free nitrogen ) and during the winter the ash from our log burner also gets sprinkled on the compost.

The only things that the council get back from us in the green bin are woody plants that won’t compost properly.

All in all I am a convert