Gardening in the forest of dean

Planting the pretty bits

Gardening in the Forest of Dean

May Plantings

Gardening in the forest of deanI have been concentrating on the vegetable garden up until now, but the warm weather has encouraged us to get the planters filled up with the pretty flowers. We have planted impatiens , begonias , geraniums and most of the usual garden plants.

The garden is certainly changing a lot now the summer is on it’s way. Some of our Clematis are starting to flower and are looking gorgeous, as is our wisteria.

We have not made a formal garden but it is more like an old fashioned cottage garden with flowers and vegetables all mixed together. So we have marigolds now dotted throughout and sweet peas in both sides of the garden.

Once we get a bit of sunshine back I will be doing another video

Gardening in the forest of dean