No need to regiment the garden

No need to regiment the garden

You don’t have to have neat rows of 1 item

Aubergine plant in with the flowersThere is No need to regiment the garden. We have planned out our garden using the old cottage garden idea. I’ve never seen why the vegetable garden can’t be as attractive as the rest, and why separate it all ?

You can see on he picture on the left that we have planted an aubergine in with the flowers in this container. We have marigolds in the deep beds along with the veg, tomatoes in hanging baskets and containers, again with lobelia that will cascade down among them.

There is nothing really new in this idea, but lots of people don’t think outside the box and just automatically plant in the traditional way. So, why not give it a go ?

I think it all looks attractive and plants like marigolds do attract pollinating insects that you will want to get your vegetables producing.



The weather now is ideal. We have had a fair bit of rain and now the garden is flooded in sunshine. The Forest of Dean is a wonderful place to live.

Strawberries are starting to fruit and we are looking forward to a wonderful harvest.