Vanda planting vegetables

Planning for the spring garden

We have done pretty well this year all things considered but I’m determined that next year will be even better. This weekend I’ll be turning the compost heap and getting ready to fork over the beds and enrich them with the compost and some local rotted horse manure.

aubergineOur deep beds will all have sweet peas growing on the sides along with the veg as I can see no reason why the vegetable garden shouldn’t look nice as well as the flower borders. We have planted spring bulbs this week especially lots of crocuses.

So I’m planning on 1 bed just for new potatoes and unless anyone can recommend anything better I shall be planting Arran Pilots. The flavour of these spuds is terrific.

I also want a bed of early peas, just because they taste so good, and of course they put nitrogen back into the soil. Another must have are French and Runner beans, both of which have done very well and are still producing today.

Onion sets will also be going in. We all use onions in most meals and one of the great pleasures in life is stringing them when ready for the harvest.

A couple of aubergine plants will also be planted. I was amazed at how well they did this year, and as you can see from the photo the flowers are very pretty.

Cabbages are a no brainer so will be planting more in the spring and a few rows of carrots, and of course sprouts. We haven’t had any so far but the plants are looking great.