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Planning the garden for 2018

Gardening Plans for this year

gardeningWe had a very mixed year in 2017. We did ok with most things and very well with leeks and potatoes but once again all our tomatoes fell to the blight, so we will not be bothering with them this year at all. We have also declared war on the dreaded cabbage whites. They decimated our sprouts and many cabbages last year. This year we will be protecting them from day 1. It is a small garden but by using deep beds and containers it is surprising what you can grow. Gardening is what you make it

Vanda always has lots of flowering plants in pots, but this year attractive vegetables like peppers and aubergines will be mixed together.

So, for the coming year we will be growing:


  • New potatoes – A couple of rows in the deep beds and the rest in grow bags and containers
  • Main crop Potatoes – We did so well last year in containers that we are going to plant the lot in bags again
  • Onions – They are so easy to grow it seems a shame not to grow as many as possible, again in the deep beds and more in pots
  • Parsnips – Last year hardly any germinated but as they are a favourite we will be putting in a few rows in the deep beds
  • Leeks – a no brainer. We use a lot and they are so easy to grow
  • Swedes – a few rows of swedes are a good investment. They are ludicrously expensive to buy
  • CarrotsĀ  – Planting them in containers is well worth while. You get lovely straight ones as there are no stones. We pick them as young as possible for the fantastic flavour
  • Sweet Corn – I grow these for the wonderful flavour. Put the water on to boil and then pick. Wonderful
  • Spinach – We had a huge success last year with perpetual spinach so planning a lot more this year
  • Runner beans – Just a single wigwam this year as they are so easy to grow and are my personal favourite vegetable
  • Cauliflowers – Again we did very well last year soat least 4 rows in the deep beds this year
  • Sprouts – a disaster last year due to the cabbage whites. A great shame as the year before we had a wonderful harvest. Sprouts are a must
  • Courgettes – easy to grow, delicious and very attractive flowers
  • Aubergines – These look gorgeous and they grow very well in pots
  • Peppers – Again and attractive plant that grows very well in containers
  • Lettuce and spring onions will be mostly in containers this year and they do seem to grow well there..
  • Beetroot – I just love them young and tender
  • Out door cucumbers. – We will be growing some old fashioned ridge cucumbers in containers.
  • Purple sprouting – a great favourite for both of us

As you can see it is astonishing what you can grow in a small garden, and gardening is fun and rewarding

garden in december