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2nd Year in The Forest of Dean

2 years living in the Forest of Dean

Gardening in the Forest of DeanThis is our second year of living in the Forest of Dean. Time has certainly flown. Both Vanda and I agree it was a brilliant move. Life is slower out in the country, we are surrounded by the most wonderful countryside, and the Forest of Dean town we chose to live in, Cinderford has turned out to be exactly the right choice for us.

We bought a lovely little cottage on a hill leading into Cinderford that allowed me to have two things I have wanted for years. A wood burner and a vegetable garden.

Our little town of Cinderford has just about everything we need, see link above and we are close enough to walk in. Sadly the weather is too wet to do much gardening now, but we are already planning next years vegetables.

All in all this was a good decision and we both love it here.

Over the next year we will continue to explore this wonderful area and also try out and review more pubs and of course we have big plans for the garden. We do have a small vegetable plot which will be crammed and this coming year we are going to be planting much more vegetables in containers. We were both amazed at how well new potatoes did in bags and pots.