Oh dear Cinderford Council – @cinderfordtc

Cinderford CouncilA couple of weeks back I emailed Cinderford council using the email on their web site which is clerk@ . It was a simple query asking why the minutes from meetings were not shown on their web site. As you can see from the picture the last entries were for 2015, so nothing for 2 years.

Here is the text of the email I sent

Dear Sir


I noticed that your web sites holds no minutes for the last 2 years. Is there any reason you stopped publishing them ? Also you don’t have any events listed.


We have a free events calendar that you are welcome to use on our web site

Well, I never got a reply so I tweeted them asking if they ever answer emails. I got a reply on twitter saying they couldn’t find it, so I sent it again and got a delivered receipt. Still no reply so I thought perhaps there is a problem with my mail. I looked it up on mxtoolbox and several other sources. All report that it is set up correctly and is not on any spam list. I get regular emails from all over the country and from abroad. The forest of Dean county site has noproblems with my mail and neither does Gloucestershire County Council.

I can only conclude that:


1 My email was simply deleted because no one could be bothered to answer

2 Their mail server has serious problems

Now come on Cinderford Council. We do pay your wages there and it is just plain rude not to answer. As you have answered me on twitter then you can see my web site which has telephone and  email visible there. I am not impressed