Gardening in the Forest of Dean

A great time for gardeners

Gardening in the Forest of Dean

Gardening in the Forest of DeanThis time of year is fantastic for gardening and gardeners. Last weeks cold snap has been replaced with warm sunny weather and we have been busy planting out in the garden. Our sweet peas and climbing fuchsias are big enough and as you can see we now have them out in various places in the garden.

Tumbling tomato plants are now out in planters and hanging baskets, the peas are climbing the sticks and my new potatoes are looking so good that I think we will have a glut. It is a shame that none of our local food banks will accept fresh vegetables as we will have a lot of excess this year.

The first lettuces have been planted out now as well as spring onions. The leeks are not quite ready to go out yet, but they won’t be long. One of my aims here is to show just how much you can grow in a small garden.



You can see some of the hanging baskets in this shot that we have used for tomatoes, and we even have a couple of modern raspberry plants in a hanging basket. I’m undecided about the runner beans. I’ll probably delay planting them out for another week, but let’s see what the weather does. It is certainly looking good for the next week.

Gardening in the forest of dean has been a great deal easier than I thought. We are on top of a hill but this year is looking very good. On the flowers front the wisteria is looking marvelous and all our clematis are just on the verge of flowering.

All in all I really can’t complain at all.


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