Compost in the vegetable garden

Treating the soil in a new garden

compost1I have created a double bin for the garden compost to make it easier to turn. I can turn the old one into the empty bin before creating the new compost heap. Regular visitors will know that we only moved here in June, so everything was late and done in a hurry so that we could get some vegetables in. We have been luckier that expected and have enjoyed a lot of fresh veg. The only things left now are the sprouts and leeks and a few beets.

Good compost is of course essential to get the soil in good condition. Before we moved in there was just a lawn that we dug up to create the new deep beds. The soil isn’t too bad but it does need improving.

I recently found a firm offering new garden products at  and on Friday I ordered some of their activator and do also intend to try some of their other soil improvement products on the new garden beds.


The Compost Heaps

We have filled one of the bins, and the plan is to turn it into the empty bin while carefully following the instruction on the box and putting a layer of the activator in each layer until the heap has the recommended amount. I’ll be starting the new one at the same time so that will be done in the same way.

I’ll let you all know what results we get. I’m also tempted to try their Biochar on the soil.