The good life

fireplaceThe last few months have been marvelous. Prior to moving to the Forest of Dean we lived in Churchdown for over 30 years. It was certainly the right decision both to sell our business ( Softdata Internet Ltd ) and to make the move to a smaller house in a cheaper area.

There is now plenty of time to enjoy our life together without all the stress of running a business and to get into the social life of a smaller town. A lot on our wish list has been achieved. We have a smashing little cottage and a wood burner has been installed and we now have 2.2 tons of logs ready for the winter. A proper fire was always very high up the list for me, and Vanda has now been converted. The wood burner gives us all the advantages of an open fire without a lot of the mess involved.

Fuschia Cottage also came with a decent size garden. We have a great area around the house which is an absolute picture now with planters running a riot of colour and the clematis we planted is at the top of the fence and also flowering like mad.

We were very late in planting the vegetables, but now there are tomatoes doing very well and the sweet corn is looking good. Two weeks back I planted winter cabbage, sprouts and califlowers. They all seem to be doing well now. A couple of experiments have come out well and we are looking forward to eating the Peppers and Aubergines.


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