Early work in the garden

Spring planting in the garden

Early Planting in the garden

Early Peas showingThe weather has been very mild here in the forest of dean and the forecast is looking good for the next month as well, so I have taken a chance with some early planting. My deep beds have all had compost and well rotted manure forked in, and I have early peas showing and I have made a second sowing of peas today as well.

I have also planted new potatoes, Arran Pilots and Home guard. They are extremely well chitted so although it is early I feel it is worth the gamble, especially as the bed is covered in fleece.


The new rhubarb is loving it and all in all everything is looking rosy. I do admit I have hedged my bets a bit by putting fleece over my deep beds, just in case we do get a late frost, but sometimes it is worth a gamble. If it pays off we will be eating new potatoes from the garden before most others.

We have also sown some beetroot seeds and some spring onions. So exciting times in the garden