The vegetable Garden

Planting the vegetable garden

The vegetable Garden

After all the horrendous weather this year, at last it is warm and dry enough to make a start in planting the vegetable garden. We still have lots to do of course but it is marvellous to be able to make a good start.

Planting Potatoes

Chitted potatoesThis year all our potatoes are being planted in bags of containers . This is an easy way to grow potatoes.

As you can see from the photos I simply chit them in the usual way ( on a window sill in my case ) and then place them in the containers and top up thepotatoes planted in pots containers to bury the shoots. All I have to do now is top them up as they grow, and when they are ready just empty the container into a wheel barrow and eat them. No digging and very little work. This year I’m growing Arran Pilot new potatoes and Desire main crops.



We have also planted out carrots and some garlic thus week. Tomorrow we will be starting off new seeds in the shed.

Another surprising success is he broad beans. Despite 3 lots of snow, they have survived and are now flowering.

We have also planted runner beans, leaks, spring onions and salad