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Pea Sticks collected from the Forest of Dean

Pea Sticks

Vanda collecting Pea SticksOur early peas are coming on nicely now. We had protected them from the birds but now they need some support. So as we are living in the gorgeous forest of dean we took a little trip up the road and there of course wood that is ideal for pea sticks is in abundance. ( we do have a foragers license )

The vegetable garden is coming on extremely well and peas are just so wonderful picked straight from the soil. After enjoying wandering around the forest we headed back to Cinderford and gave the peas their much needed support.

Everything is going great guns now. If you have been reading this blog you will know that the potatoes growing in bags are growing fast and I planted a deep bed with earlies and they are also now popping their heads above the ground with new ones appearing daily.

I must confess I am really enjoying living here and creating a brand new garden. Once summer is here you will need your sunglasses to guard against all the colours. Subtle shades of green are not my taste at all.

pea sticks in the gardenHere you can see the sticks at last in the deep beds. On the right the photo shows our new potatoes poking their heads upNew Potaotes


These are exciting times for all gardeners and it won;t be more than a few weeks before we can get beans and tomatoes out. Just before the next bank holiday all Vanda’s planters will have their summer flowers put out. With those and tomatoes and strawberries in hanging baskets we hope to have a productive and attractive garden this year.