Mixed results in the garden

Garden in CinderfordConsidering how late everything went in I suppose we haven’t done that badly. The French and Runner beans are at last producing, and we have had some tomatoes.

Sadly I have had to uproot 2 plants as they had blight. That was a bitter blow, but it did allow me to have a bit of fun at the highly extreme and silly @ukblm who seem to think pollution is all the fault of us whities, so I created the hash tag #Redlivesmatter. Make your own mind up which is the sillier.

On the up side we have managed to grow lemons, aubergines and peppers and the sprouts and cauliflowers are looking magnificent. Gardening is without doubt good for the soul.When the work is done there is no finer place to enjoy a beer that the garden


Serious Gardenin - No G

Serious Gardenin – No G


aubergine lemon