The garden in June

Early June in the garden

A garden in Cinderford in the Forest of Dean

Well, the last month has seen all sorts of weather. Last weeks thunder storms took me off line for a week as my modem was destroyed. This is one of the best times for gardening as most of the vegetables and flowers are now either ready or are in the garden, so here is the latest from our little garden in the forest of dean.


We are growing Arran Pilot new potatoes and Desire main crop potatoes all in containers and bags. They are doing astonishingly well and some are flowering already


New Pototoes

New Pototoes

Main crop potatoes

Main crop potatoes

Main crop Pototoes

Desire pototoes








In the deep beds

Vegetables in the deep beds

Runner beans and french beans are in and doing very well, as are the onions we planted earlier this year. We also have swedes, parsnips, sweet corn and spinach all coming up nicely and the sprouts are in as well. We have protected them with netting as the cabbage whites decimated them last year.

All in all quite satisfactory.





Sprouts Vegetables in containers