Forest of Dean Butcher

Cinderford – The foodie capital of the Forest of Dean ?

I see that Camerons have opened a new shop at their old premises.

When we made the move down the street with the Cinderford butchers store we were adamant the old shop where it all began wasn’t going to turn into another takeaway shop, the idea exoticwas to turn it into a wet fish/seafood outlet and bring with it our already huge range of locally sourced game meats including wild boar, venison, rabbit and all game birds to create “Camerons fish and game”.
Our passion has always been sourcing locally reared and slaughtered livestock, and I feel game meat is as natural and free range as it gets.
We also stock a large range of exotic meats especially in the summer months where there isn’t such an abundance of game where the exotics serve as a good replacement on the barbecue.

This shop is located at : 9 High Street Cinderford GL14 2SQ

They also have their tradition butchers shop just around the corner. This is marvelous. We also have another butcher, several bakers, Indian and Chinese restaurants and much more. For a town the size of Cinderford it is most impressive